Child and Family Centre:

  1. provides individual counselling including child neglect, child abuse, foster care, marital discord, family violence, single parent support, rape survival, unemployment, post abortion trauma, HIV/AIDS support
  2. provides group support including behaviour modification to, child abuse survivors, rape survivors, woman empowerment, alcoholism, foster parents, parenting skills

Outcomes for Beneficiaries

Comfort Therapy Room:

a secure, free, relaxed and confidential environment where sexually abused children are counselled in a “homely atmosphere”

Outcomes for Beneficiaries

Junior Resource Centre (Re-structuring)

provides an afternoon care facility for “latch” key children, offering a supervised, safe and stimulating recreational and educational environment

Outcomes for Beneficiaries

HIV/AIDS Programme:

  1. preventative programme (includes life skill training, sex education workshops, awareness campaigns at schools
  2. counselling and supportive services (includes individual counseling, group therapy, support groups, linking with specialised services, referral systems)

Outcomes for Beneficiaries


The group meets once a week:

  1. ACTIVE AGEING SENIORS GROUP - interactive group sessions with peers encouraging Social Well-being and support in the prevention of abuse of older persons

Outcomes for Beneficiaries

Skills Training and Job Creation Projects:

Beneficiaries learn skills to start their own home industry for poverty alleviation

  1. Computer Literacy (Under construction)
  2. Art & Craft Training
  3. Hairdressing Training (Under construction)
  4. Technical Training -  Welding Training (Phase 1)
  5. Technical Training - Electrical Training (Phase 2)
  6. Technical Training - Plumbing Training (Phase 3) (Under construction)

Outcomes for Beneficiaries

CAFDA Dance Theatre:

  1. Dance Lessons in:

Classical Ballet
Hip Hop
Modern/Contemporary Dance

  1. Rehearsals

RAD exam
Grahamstown Festival
Edinburgh Fesitival

  1. Bursary Programme

Outcomes for Beneficiaries

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