Lack of funds is a challenge.  CAFDA has always ensured sustainability of projects through efficient cost recovery mechanisms, donor outreach and fundraising initiatives, and will continue its attempts to secure more funding for the efficient and effective delivery of services to the poverty-stricken.  It realizes that sustainability will always be difficult to achieve and therefore there is an on-going need to raise funds from outside sources.

To maintain and enhance its vital role, CAFDA needs the following on-going support:

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CAFDA relies on our fundraising events and projects to generate the income required for our sustainability.

Your donation of R1,000 per annum or R83.33 per month is used directly to provide a multi-faceted Social Development Service to the communities of the Cape Flats and beyond.

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CAFDA Merchandise Store will host its final sale for the year on the corner of Eighth Avenue and Prince George Drive, Grassy Park, on Saturday December 3, from 9am to 1pm. 

Old and new goods will be on sale.

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